Eye of the Tiger

I wasthinking recently of butterflies, but that’s just not very rock’n’roll so I’llhave to approach this from another angle! ……ok……think Rocky, think “eye of the tiger”, that’s a bit better, nowthink tiger moth and we can begin on my train of thought, next stop ,Your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine Station!      
So lets sayyou’ve started out life as a caterpillar/maggoty-worm/bug, nice. Like all therest of your species you’re not necessarily much of a looker by most people’sstandards, and don’t seem to have much purpose. But hey, build yourself achrysalis, wait a few days and hey presto you’re a beautiful Moth, and can nowspend the rest of your time eating the clothes of those who thought you wereugly! (OK, so this is where the butterfly would have worked better!)
What’s mypoint? Well, set aside the usual ugly duckling sentiments for a mo and letslook at this phenomenon. All caterpillars are much alike, same background sameprospects and all having the ability to make something of/from themselves. A chrysalisisn’t a construction, it’s not made up of things they found lying around, andit’s not a nest. It’s made BY the caterpillar, produced by itself (like silk)and used to create something pretty darn worthwhile (for the caterpillar).Don’t create yourself a chrysalis and you’re snookered, simple as that. Anycaterpillars that don’t, just die earlier than they should have and not in thestate they were intended to be in.

So, life’snot going to go on forever and sorry to get all serious but we’re all gonna dieeventually. So, what have we done that is going to help the change from lifeinto death. We all have something inside us that we can either choose to ignoreand die (end of story) or we can actually produce something that means notdeath(end of story) but a change for us. For a Christian, death is not the end,and life is just a training ground for what comes next. Only those things thatwe have done for Christ and his kingdom, using the unique gifts which he hasput inside all of us will matter when that day comes. What have we done withour gifts that has really made a difference? what have we done that meanssomething? What have we done that will last?......Anything? I refer back to thefate of the tiger moth!

Death isn’tsomething to be feared, it is a defeated foe, defeated by Christ at Calvary. It’s sting lost, the victory of the grave overour souls is gone, death is a shadow of it’s former self. David (not me) wrote“though I walk through the valley of the SHADOW of death, I will fear no evil!”  …….My (nearly) 2 year old daughter couldteach us all a thing or two. She wave’s to her shadow and kisses it goodnightbefore going to bed in her own dimly lit room, she has no fear of shadows. Shehas accepted that they are there but her parents words have told her that theycannot harm her and that she will rise in the morning to a new day despitetheir presence in the night. Our heavenly father has likewise told us not tofear the shadow of death, and that if we are faithful to Him and His cause anduse our gifts to create something worthwhile for his glory, that we too willrise again some morning. A transition, from what we are now to what He willmake us to be.

So, why isthis gift within us wasting away? Time is getting really short these days. Ifdeath comes to us, are we ready? If we are blessed enough not to see death itis because the Master of this house will return before then to reward hisservants for what they have created with the talents he gave to them. In thelight of this, young Christian, have you done enough? Can you stand beside whatyou have done and say here are thy five pounds master and they have gained fivemore for you’re glory?...........I think it’s time I stopped writing and gotout there! In the light of these questions we have all fallen short of theglory of God, lets get out among our peers and let them see us buildingsomething that will stand the test of the transition called death.

God Bless,


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