Eye of the Tiger

I wasthinking recently of butterflies, but that’s just not very rock’n’roll so I’llhave to approach this from another angle! ……ok……think Rocky, think “eye of the tiger”, that’s a bit better, nowthink tiger moth and we can begin on my train of thought, next stop ,Your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine Station!      
So lets sayyou’ve started out life as a caterpillar/maggoty-worm/bug, nice. Like all therest of your species you’re not necessarily much of a looker by most people’sstandards, and don’t seem to have much purpose. But hey, build yourself achrysalis, wait a few days and hey presto you’re a beautiful Moth, and can nowspend the rest of your time eating the clothes of those who thought you wereugly! (OK, so this is where the butterfly would have worked better!)
What’s mypoint? Well, set aside the usual ugly duckling sentiments for a mo and letslook at this phenomenon. All caterpillars are much alike, same background sameprospects and all having the ability to make something of/from themselves. A chrysalisisn’t a construction, it’s not made up of things they found lying around, andit’s not a nest. It’s made BY the caterpillar, produced by itself (like silk)and used to create something pretty darn worthwhile (for the caterpillar).Don’t create yourself a chrysalis and you’re snookered, simple as that. Anycaterpillars that don’t, just die earlier than they should have and not in thestate they were intended to be in.......more


The story of the four collective souls’ that became Clay began back in the summer of 95, when two separate acoustic groups decided to collaborate together to form something that was bigger and more than important than any individual’s ego.

Any sculptor or artist that would work with a piece of clay would tell you that, what they start with is not what they will finish with, so in the case of this band and ministry, this artistic truth would also apply with us! Pieces had to be removed and pieces had to be added. Even though the Lord had this process for us to go through, He still saw it fit for us to release two projects.

An EP that was simply called “The Clay EP” and an Album that was called “We can see”. Even though there was a short space between each release, the growth and maturity in the song writing quickly evolved. The songs’ themselves dealt with sensitive and real subjects within the Christian faith, from day to day life to the realisation of the love of Christ. Even with these blessings that were given and a long line events bookings and venues, trials were to come!

Particular members of the original line up of Clay new that the Lord required their services in other areas, and as a result of this, knew that their own course in this work was over. As for the rest of us we had to be true to ourselves, look into the eye of the storm and ask “is this the end of Clay?”. As any believer knows, no action should be taken without seeking the Lords face first.

So this was what we did and to our surprise, new and more powerful songs were written that led to the first major release for Clay which was called “Broken”. Nothing was held back in the writing and record of these tracks, all of the frustration, grief, pain, love and self-loathing was poured into this album. The main theme of “Broken” was to show that the Christian walk was in no way easy; it showed that to gain the prize that is the Lord Jesus a broken heart would have to be presented and a humble spirit.

The music itself maintained a very organic rock sound, showing itself to be soothing at times but alternatively being in your face! On the strength of this release, many more bookings and events came our way which has led us to the point we are at now. The line up of Clay consists of David Jamison (Drums), Billy McAuley (Bass and backing vocals), Catherine Adamson (Vocals and backing vocals) and James Adamson (Vocals and guitars).

Clay arecurrently touring all of Ireland with the soulpurpose of winning people to Christ. More thanplaying live, more than wishing to sell CD’s, more than wanting to do a good show, all we truly want is the chance to get to know you!!

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