The Facts

Name?Billy McAuley

Age? 22

Place in the band?

Your Gear?
Lovely Candy Apple Red Ernie Ball Music Man Bass, Warwick Thumb bass and a Yamaha SLB200 (it's an electric upright bass!). My amp at the mo is a Trace Elliot 120w, great sound! But I would like a new amp sometime! I use the Bass Pod Pro for the studio aswell, because it's really handy to get instant bass amp sounds, and as many as you like!!

Most hated song?
There's too many to answer that question!! But i'll say the 'Cha Cha Slide' and anything like it!!

Favourite song?
Again, Too Many!! here are just some I can think of for each decade up to now (from the 60's)
60's = Small Faces 'Itchycoo Park'
70's = Led-Zeppelin 'Black Dog'
80's = Michael Jackson 'Beat It'
90's = The La's 'There She Goes'
Now = Ummm, I really like 'Eleventh Hour' by Jars of Clay

Best memory?
That's a hard question to answer, obviously the best descision i ever made in my life was to ask the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart, but there is one memory that sticks in my mind, a few years ago I went to romania with a youth group to build a play ground for a villiage primary school, we spent, in total, three weeks in the country, but worked on the play ground for two. We developed a relationship with the kids of that villiage and when It came time for us to leave the only English the kids could speak was "I love you". So that's one of the best memories I have.

I work in a piano shop in Belfast called Matchetts Music and I love it! David (the drummer) & I are running a part time studio called FUSEBOX Studios.

Favorite food?
I like 'em ALL!!!!!

City or Openspaces?
Paris rocks!! You gotta go if you haven't been, and if you have, you gotta go again!!





I just want to start by saying, I am nothing, I cannot live, walk or even take my next breathe without the Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of the Lord Jesus Christ I am alive, and I love Him, I love Him because he died for me. That is my testimony! So here's the part where you find out how I became a child of God.

Unlike the other guys (bar James), I didn't grow up in a Christian home. Mum and Dad had always lived by 'Christian' morals though, treat others as you would be treated, don't steal, don't kill, walk away from fights, don't pull your sister's hair... and so on... so my sister and I had a very moral and 'Good Person' up bringing, the perfect Nuclear Family. Well, that's all you need isn't it? Just be a nice person, live and let live and you'll get to heaven some day because you deserve to, because you're a good person?..................and our survey says? X

May 1992, Hampshire England, my dad worked in housing, mum was manager of a chain of shops, and my sister and I were in school. Mum and Dad had decided to come back home to Northern Ireland, where the rest of the family was, so because I was the youngest and had no commitments, I was shipped over first, while mum, dad and Sam (my sis) stayed to finish work and school. Thinking about it now, I think they just needed a break from me!! Only kidding. I stayed with relatives back here in Northern Ireland for about three months before the rest came home.

During my stay with Aunty Joan, she brought me along to church...wait a minute.... this wasn't church, people seemed to happy they were there, people seemed to be happy other people were there, people seemed to be HAPPY!!! I hadn't a clue what was going on! I was only nine years old, but I knew this was different. The pastor made an appeal at the end of the service, Sunday 19th July 1992, and I didn't know what it meant, but I told my Aunty that I wanted to put my hand up, so I did. From then on all I knew was that I had been 'Saved' as we put it, saved from sin, saved from a life without Christ, a bit much for a nine year old to understand. (I find it hard to understand most things now!!)

It wasn't putting my hand up that saved me; over the next lot of years I had to ‘grow’ in the Lord and talk to Him everyday and read the Bible, and really worship Him. It’s developing a relationship with the Lord that brings me to knowing more about Him and His work, right up to now, and from this point on, as I type this ‘testimony’ I grow more and more in the Lord. It's only been in the last four years or so that I have really known what it is to be a 'Christian', a 'Child of God', there's so much to it that I could not possibly type it all down to let you read, but here's what I believe:

Its not just about living a good and moral life, it’s not just about being a good person, (though these things are good to have) it's about being thankful to God for sending His Son to die for your sin, FACT: you are a sinner, FACT: I am a sinner, FACT: The ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ, nobody else, no other way, absolutely nothing else but Jesus, I can't stress that any further, Jesus only, only Jesus, Jesus Jesus Jesus!!!!!!!!! Are you getting the picture?

There are many choices you make in this life, schools, partners, friends, careers, all of these very important, but the most important choice you will ever make is, will you confess your sinful state, and that the only way to break free from it is to ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your life, and grow with Him everyday, from now and to when He comes back, because He is the only one who died for your sin, He is the only one who can take it away, and the only way He can take it is if you confess it, then ask Him to take it.

“Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the Sin of the World…….”

What will you do?

God bless, Billy


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