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Review of Clay at Ignite Festival - Co. Meath

Review of Clay Turning Concert at Spires

What Others have said about us:

‘I havebeen in youth ministry for a number of years on both sides of the pond.  I have yet to come across a group who has apassion for reaching young people as Clay does. Even more rarely do you find a group that is as talented, passionate andhumble as Clay is.  I have been to a fewClay concerts and have hosted them as well. They are truly gifted to be able to engage young people in their musicand show them who Christ is in just being who God made them to be.  I am thankful for what Clay has done for theyoung people whom I work with, and I strongly recommend them to any youthorganisation who is looking for a fun and relevant rock group driven by thepower of Christ’
Matt Craig
Youtn Director First Lisburn Presbyterian

"Whata wonderful evening and spiritual experience for the young people withClay.  The Gospel with everyday living;Music which teenagers enjoy and a concert like this is much needed to feed theyoung people.  It was wonderful to seeyoung folk come to Jesus and others rededicate themselves for his service. Keepup the good work. God Bless"
Beth  Wortley – TandrageeChurch of Ireland

There are plenty of good Christian bands around todaywith good musicians, great songs and a professionalism to match. When I thinkof Clay I can easily match all of these attributes to them and then some, theyare talented great musicians and they sing great songs, but they also havesomething very special which is evident every time you hear them play andminister, and that is the presence of God not only in their music but in theirlives. It is that presence which makes them special and has given them theprivilege of leading hundreds of young people to a saving knowledge of The LordJesus Christ. To reach this generation for God is their mission and they arepursuing this aim one soul at a time!
NormanHobson - Director of Music Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast



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