To win the young people of Irelandfor Christ.

To present biblical truthsthrough the use of music and the spoken word.

To serve with absolutefinancial and moral integrity.

Tothis end:

  • We will go where God sends us with the aim of helping young people come to a personal knowledge of Christ;
  • The Clay Outreach Team will give support to youth leaders who desire to reach the young people of their area;
  • We desire to be a vessel that the Spirit will use to touch lives and meet the needs of young people in Ireland.




We believe the bible to bethe scriptures of truth, the infallible word of God, fully inspired, thesupreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

We believe since the fall ofAdam that all men are born in sin and shapen in iniquity and that only by acceptingthe Lord Jesus Christ as our saviour can we have our sins forgiven.

Although the word trinitynever appears in the bible it is a biblical truth.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the HolySpirit are three different persons, but one in essence.  We call them the Trinity because they areliterally “three in one”.

Personof Christ
We believe in the miraculousvirgin birth.  We believe in Hisimpeccable sinless life.  We believeChrist paid the debt for our sin by shedding His blood on the cross at Calvary.  Webelieve in His bodily resurrection, rising from the dead on the third dayaccording to the scriptures and now stands at the right hand of the Fathermaking intersession for us.  He is ourmediator between God and man.  We believein His personal second coming, bodily, literally & physically to set-up Hisglorious and everlasting Kingdom.

Future State
We believe those that haveaccepted Christ as their personal saviour will spend eternity in Heaven.

We believe those who rejectChrist will be cast into the lake of fire (Hell).

We believe in the importanceof the Lords Day, the Lords supper, believer’s baptism and the power of prayer.


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